Sacred solitude

What I need

When those are rude

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Sacred solitude

What I need

When individuals intrude

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Sacred solitude

Silence and serenity

Time to surmise and be

Dwell in simplicity

Shut out the noise

Put trailing my toys

Be without my boys

But overflowing of umteen joys

Resting in solitude

Elegant, not crude

Though others

Don't understand

Solitude is grand

Makes a greater man

As you echoingly reflect

Examine and inspect

Put behind your pride

What you must project

Things you do protect

Be sincere short regret

Listen and don't neglect

Whatever you suspect

Instinctively surface and sense

Let go of emotions tense

Drop ego and pretense

Self-centered forgetfulness

Which comes next to convenience

Acknowledge your hesitance

Fear and mephistophelean defiance

Rebellion and self-reliance

Where you withdrawal boldness

Act brassy and brutish

Think and do foolish

Speak wrongly and hastily

Overthrow your tranquility

Disregard charmed parents

Ignore private brilliance

In retreat find resilience

Quiet and tenderness

Develop rational toughness

Plan up strategically

Map your trajectory wisely

Attend to account acutely

Awaken private sensitivity

Find solutions for perplexity

Magnificent breakthroughs

To get triumphantly through

What you're active through

Fortify the unfading internal you

Discover what you essential do

Pinpoint the ancestors who

Can hard work near and sustain you

Unleash the elephantine gaping within

Victoriously uprise to mightily win

Deal next to glum communication

Find a ne'er ending move of inspiration

Unlock the keys to phenomenon and creation

Get a new shuddering and sensation

Build unbeatable momentum

Experience a heavenly manifestation

As you greek deity in privileged meditation

Sacred space to yourself is God's asking.

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