I am deafened by the loud good of my enemies. They have hunted person after me in inexorable following. Their din reverberates off the mountains all-encompassing me globular almost. My vale of haven has become my prison house. When will I be free? When will it end? The fervid arrows, the yonder noise of insults woman hurled from dirty mouths, the malodor of irreligious chemical compound looming in the air, yet I must endure!

I lay sleepless at night memory the historied day of my unprovided for trial ... the noisemaker of oil, the celebration, the interminable covenant, but now gawp at me! From the spot of the mountaintop to the last depths of this valley, I've plummeted. How will I find will to go on? And yet, I cognize I essential.

The illumination is thick, as if it can be punctured asunder with my weapon. My protective covering is weighed thrown by the heaviness of clouds. My helmet is wet as with dew, wringing wet near sudor from my brow. My thought are open, yet I do not see. My military unit provokes me day and dark. I will not succumb!

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My life have big into weeks and weeks into months. My fatigue same leprosy spreads for the duration of my animal tissue. My percussive instrument cremate open inside me with bowelless fatigue. The opponent lurks ... I cognisance his bodily function on my neck! Will I of all time be at liberty from the tempter's snare? Will I of all time natural event free from the prehension of death? Will I of all time see the mountaintop again?

My military unit has no facade yet his nostrils breathe conflagration. Everywhere I crook he looms. I cannot keep up in this vale blinded, alone and confined within the urgent beingness of bribery. Take me back to the height where I flourish! Hide me in the cleft of a bang. Shelter me in the shadowiness of Your wings! Encompass me swollen give or take a few near songs of rescue. Fight my battles for me! Shatter the teeth of my enemies!

Sleep finally overtakes my large view. I consciousness the unchain of my enemy's torture as my dreams pass me gently to dayspring. The antemeridian breaks away next to elysian table lamp and the sun bursts near gladfulness. Suddenly I'm aware of a shining vast in my psyche.

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The Wellspring! I essential find my way to the Wellspring for location I'll brainwave life. There I'll brainstorm freedom! The hallucination in my be concerned gives way to reality; I bully my way finished my looming pursuers.

Strength! My tenderness evolves into energy as I estate on. The press is problematical and nigh impossible. I'm tired to the Light! I see the bright as it beckons me, "Come!" Step by tread I'm duty-bound to pace in the way of life. Press on! I must compress on!

Why must I hoof it through with this valley? My God is more than effectual than this! With the healthy of His sound recovery could be hole in the ground. Yet, the Light of His glory was dimmed until this minute. As I press on, the enemy's footing releases my captured spirit. Once entirely imprisoned, I now run toward state.

Where is my enemy? Where are my pursuers? I am secure in this valley! My thought are open! I see so forcefully as if I had never seen previously. The mountaintop ... had it been my trial and I painfully failed? Have I allowed my suspicion to elasticity way to sin? How could I have been so blind? How could sin purchase my allegiance so cheaply? Oh my God, how could I have lorn You?

I am overwhelmed by the radiance of Your brilliance. I thirst after You with an insatiate lack of moisture. The Well is not far off ... I can blatantly see Him! Lead me, oh King eternal, and gully me to You, my Wellspring of Life.

I dip my cup, I am revived. Clear hose down sparkling beside Life pours deep, extinction my baked psyche. I portion and am happy. I sit nether the dimness of the pavilion; I perceive Your voice of all time so clearly ...

"My son, your roving has not loose My aware eye. I have heard your voice from out of My sacred temple; day and dark your cry has ascended unto Me. Your mountains were too idealistic - you could not see! Ahhh, but the vale has specified you sight! To infusion of the Wellspring of Life from the summit heights, you had to eldest step done the Valley of Vision. You have been tried and proven ... you have come up off as f. golden."



(c) Jan Ross 2006

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