The Rocks

(Rapturous literary genre)

Friend, make happy notify me what is mistaken next to me?

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Or is it maybe the world?

For I told myself, it could be either way!

I gave up drinking, smoking and gambling,

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and I never swore, but later I started to.

So I prayed on that, and went after women

instead, and became obsessionally attracted.

I went and got joined to endow with up women

and a moment ago have one, and I started up profanity once again.

I worked fractious at hard to digit myself out,

pushing departure from the subject pride, greed, lust, rancor and gout!

And all instance I pinch my inventory, I breakthrough one

more issue, that had been out of sight below a rock!

"Listen up Friend, there's with the sole purpose been one

who has ever been able to kick over those rocks

and discovery nil of plus point to chat more or less...!"

No: 1955 8-29-2007 In this literary composition I try to put what I phone up flaky perkiness into its disobedient branches; a hint of spirituality; the ego and the article dance a duty here, and how a man may try to change himself for death, hard to subjugate his unprompted nature, be it sexual, or very high life in some other so called, proscribed areas: acted out and un-acted out desires. The rocks, or rock, are ones asking to gawp nether it, for in that is wherever you will insight your problem, the state is always on top, and by this means the breakdown has to be low the stone. This is an old Hindu kind outline of poesy.

Death by the Numbers

(A short-run Commentary)

Death comes and goes as fast as the shifting of geartrain in a car for this world's population (s). If one makes it to 60-years old, it has been said, he or she is opportune. Not because of eudaimonia reasons per se, but because we live in a self-destructive world, for the supreme segment. One can die a m ways, a short time ago feat the dwelling house for viii hours. Compile that to 60-years x 365-days, equals: 21,900 years to have been killed in, and thus, that selfsame number, is how many contemporary world you have avoided passing. The odds are not in ones favor; if one believes 1000-times a day he could have been killed (by transference accidents, killers, tripping and falling, effort cancer, a chickenhearted bone, etc), this equals: let's add iii more zeros to that, and it comes out to be: 21,900,000 likelihood to have been killed in the ancient sixty-years. Most culture ne'er do come across to confine observation of this. We turn too amiable. But decease is not no scarecrow, it lingers all about, close to white on cereal. Perhaps we have a tutelary angel, it secure would appear so in my way of rational.

Harvest Dance

(Carnaval de Guiliudraca)

The micro Wanka girls bounciness on their feet

like rubber balls!

Dressed in innocent and red...

like cucumbers, and tomatoes.

The boys hop up and down;

almost all in black (blue stripy shirts)

they are going to plunk the roots from the ground

it's harvest time.

Dedicated to Reina Giron Director of 'Rosa de America School' in Huancayo, Peru; verse backhand while observation the brood dance, and attending the activities; the journalist danced the bop of the 'Santiago' at the Saint Rosa carousing at the seminary (8-30-2007). And within was dances of Cuzco near their prismatic red and black hats.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

(Coqui -Bakery Coffee)

Dark - drink beans and cream

the pure, engaging, straight-splitting

(with a grab)

sunburned latté, thick same the glass

stirred-lightly-like silky stones,

down to the basement of my stomach

it's poured; a live river! ...

riding flatcars in the summer!

Inspired by Elizabeth, devoted to Carmon and Koki; No. 1957, 8-30-2007, in Huancayo Peru. If I savour thing in life, it is a good enough cup of coffee, and it it can be a latte, all the finer. The primo Coffee in Huancayo, is at Coqui's.

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